Hologram Labels on Rolls

Purpose: Hologram stickers can not be copied by duplicating machines and all kinds of printing machines. So they are used on cigarette box, wine bottles, cosmetic packages, garment hangtags etc.
Description: Hologram is made of many very thin interference fringes, which can only be obtained by using polarization holography. There are more than 1000 lines within 1 millimeter. So nobody can make the same hologram master in the world.
There are two kinds of hologram stickers, one is on sheets (pages) , the other is on rolls. The stickers on rolls usually be pasted on products by automatic labeling machines.
Colors: Silvery, golden, transparent, red, green, blue etc.
Thickness: 25 micron / 30 micron / 36 micron / 50 micron
Sizes: Any customized.
Remarks: Artwork files (made by CorelDraw or Illustrators ) or sample for reference are necessary.
MOQ: 50,000 pcs.

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